Advisory services

Our experience and values are also an efficient tool for everyone who expects effectiveness and professional support in transactions within corporate finance and investment banking.


We are aware that trust is not gained overnight. But we are sure that, thanks to our philosophy, obtained results and honest work, we can build partner relationships with our Clients.

Great Private Equity fully utilises its assets:

  1. High level of competences and experience of the advisory teams,
  2. Involvement of people of the trade in private equity funds,
  3. Clearly specified strategy, focused on supporting the issuers,
  4. Active supervision and cooperation with company owners, including membership in management and supervisory bodies,
  5. Creativity and use of various financial instruments when executing the transaction.

All projects are implemented on the basis of fundamental analysis

(i.a. analysis of financial statements, forecasting of results, valuation),

as well as qualitative factors

(i.a. assessment of the management board, analysis of the company’s strategy, quality of communication with investors).


Przemysław Mikołajczak
Head of the Legal Team