We hereby inform about the conclusion of an agreement on 29 December 2016 by Polhouse Estate & Development Investment Nigeria Ltd. with Martens Sp. z o. o.

As a result of the concluded agreements, Polhouse Estate & Development Investment Nigeria Ltd. purchased the whole production line for the manufacture of “S” roof tiles as well as the manufacturing technology for these roof tiles, previously used by Martens. At the same time, the companies concluded an agreement for the use of the trademark in the form of the name “MARTENS – OLDENBURG” and “IDEALNA DACHÓWKA – MARTENS” (“IDEAL MARTENS ROOF TILES”), as well as for continuing the company’s tradition and the roof tiles of MARTENS by Polhouse Estate & Development Investment Nigeria Ltd.

MARTENS was a family initiative established in 1913 in Oldenburg, Germany. It had been developing and perfecting the production technology of cement and concrete roof tiles for decades. In 1993, a part of production was relocated to Poland and the MARTENS Sp. z o.o. branch was opened in the town of Przytoczna in the Lubuskie Voivodship. The Polish branch performed so well that, after several years, it took over the rights to independently use the name MARTENS – OLDENBURG from the German MARTENS Dachsteinwerk GMBH and became the leading production plant of concrete and cement roof tiles in Poland.

The conclusion of the aforementioned agreement of 29 December 2016 by Polhouse Estate & Development Investment Nigeria Ltd. was preceded by many months of negotiations, concerning not only repurchase of the production line, but above all the possibilities to obtain the complete production technology for the cement and concrete roof tiles, as well as – which was very important for the Company – to gain the possibility to use the over hundred-year-old trademark associated with the roof tiles and to become the continuator of a company with such a rich tradition, recognisable not only in Poland. Polhouse Nigeria Ltd. turned out to be such a reliable partner that the historical part was also included in the agreement, and we will be able to become proud successors of MARTENS – OLDENBURG, a company established in 1913.

The IDEAL MARTENS ROOF TILES are made from a special concrete dyed in mass and are coated twice in acrylic paint in the following colours: brick-red, red, brown, graphite, black, and upon special request – we can produce blue or green roof tiles.

Podstawowe dane techniczne:

Wymiary: 410 x 240 mm
Szerokość pokrywania: 200 mm
Ilość na 1 m: 15 szt.
Masa 1 szt.: 3 kg
Masa 1 m: 45 kg

Dostępne kolory:

Concrete roof tiles are a construction material belonging to a broad group of roof tiles. They can have various shapes and colours. They compete with ceramic tiles on the market. Many people say that they look great on roofs and are fitting for elegant houses.

Concrete roof tiles have been produced on the industrial scale since 1844 and, from that moment on, have been a cheaper non-flammable roofing alternative for ceramic roof tiles. The originator of the production of this type of roof tiles was a German man Adolf Kroher, but they gained extraordinary popularity during the period of the industrial revolution in the 19th-century England. That was the country where the first industrialised technologies of production processes were developed. In Germany, concrete roof tiles have been the most popular roofing material to this day.

Production technology

Concrete roof tiles are manufactured using a special fast-setting cement, sand, water, and dye.
The cement used in this production is different than the others in that it sets very quickly. The production of concrete roof tiles uses a relatively small amount of energy: 12 kWh/m2 of coverage. Such a small demand for energy results from the lack of the need for firing of refractory shapes or for the energy-consuming drying of the product. The later production stage consists in coating the concrete roof tiles twice with acrylic paint, which improves its appearance and texture. Its durability is relatively high, since some manufacturers give as many as 30 years of guarantee for their products.